Who We Are

Connected with the world
Locally strong

As KUBO, we are an award-winning provider of HR, software, and engineering services. Our mission is to support technology-driven industry leaders with staffing, recruitment, team leasing, managed services and IT services.

With offices in Toruń, Gdańsk, and Gothenburg, we serve as an international vendor providing local expertise. Since our establishment in 2014, our continuous growth has been driven by a team of over 150 professionals, guided by a distinctive feedback culture.

We hold ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications and are actively expanding our partnerships with major cloud providers.

Our offices are managed by driven specialists with a great understanding of local markets, customs, and needs – as well as a network of professional links. We’ve come far and we are striving to go even further, cause we know, that our approach is worth spreading.

From the birthplace
of scientific revolution

Our history starts in 2014 in Toruń, a mid-sized city in central Poland, home of the father of modern astronomy – Nicolaus Copernicus. He not only “stopped the Sun and moved the Earth”, but also provided a model for the modern scientific method by formulating, testing, and proving a theory. His contribution to science – and therefore technology – is undeniable, and the spirit of innovation, bravery, and courage is still palpable, especially in the stunning, medieval architecture of Toruń.

Our people-focused approach connects quality talent with meaningful work and continuous opportunities

Aiming at a mutual win-win, both for our clients and our contractors – yes, It’s easier said than done. But what is the most important: it’s worth it, and we are speaking from our experience.

We take a deep dive into our clients’ needs to establish their exact requirements and expectations to help sync the candidate and the employer with a fulfilling and results-driven opportunity.

Talented people. Ambitious projects.
We make connections not only
possible but effectively working.

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