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HR, software, and engineering services

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IT Software / Embedded Services

Strategic partner in the ever-evolving field of software engineering

As a well-known provider of IT and HR services, we also deliver a comprehensive range of software engineering services, designed to address diverse challenges and optimize solutions for Clients across various industries. We assist you when you need us: every step of the way or at specific moments of the project. It means bringing technical and operational expertise to the table – from initial concept and feasibility studies to detailed software design, implementation, and project management.

And it doesn’t stop there: we deliver valuable insights and recommendations to enhance software project efficiency to reduce time and costs and ensure compliance with industry standards, regulations, and legislation. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies of software industry advancements, we help you navigate through complex software engineering landscapes and deliver successful outcomes.


To meet your requirements and solve complex problems

As a company cooperating with partners from numerous sectors (Aviation, Industrial Automation, Maritime, Oil&Gas) we offer extensive engineering services, from production, planning and technology to automation, maintenance and project management.
We present the best candidates with experience in Embedded Systems (C, C++, Python), Structural Engineering (SolidWorks, Auto CAD, Inventor, Creo), Electrical Engineering (PLC, HMI, Matlab, Ruplan, Catia), Automation (KUKA & FANUC robots, EPLAN, TIA portal) as well as Lean Manufacturing.

Our Engineering Services support all industrialization and supply chain processes with roles such as material planners, buyers, technologists and production planners. Observing the growth of engineering in the last years we are eager to grow alongside being open to new positions and challenges!


Customized support and professional guidance

Embracing collaboration across diverse industries, we offer an extensive suite of White-Collar Specialist Services tailored to meet multifaceted business needs. We cater to a spectrum of roles including IT procurement, accounting, payroll management, project oversight, technical documentation, and sales/marketing expertise.

Our goal is to boast proficiency, streamline processes, drive strategies and guide initiatives through comprehensive methodologies for timely and cost-effective delivery. As the landscape of white-collar services continues to evolve, we remain adaptable and ready to embrace new roles and challenges to ensure sustained growth and success for our Clients.

What we solve

Streamlining your projects

Simplifying, managing, and improving the efficiency of your projects, teams, or organization in order to deliver powerful results.

Local market knowledge

As a vendor with a worldwide view and experience, we are your eyes on the market. We provide local expertise on a global scale.

Finding talent

We hire the right people for the right positions. You can be sure that we approach talent the way they deserve - indeed, as talents.

Staying compliant

We provide a service that ensures organizations are fully compliant and follow ethical guidelines.