Privacy policy


…. that is, we explain what we do with your personal data regardless of the purpose of your visit – regardless of whether you are only interested in participating in one of the recruitment processes, you are already involved in it, or simply visiting our website. We will describe how the data is collected, used and processed, and how we carry out our legal obligations to you.

Your privacy is very important to us and we protect your privacy rights.

The Privacy Policy applies to the personal data of all users of the website (cookies), with special consideration of candidates, and other persons to whom we are authorized, including those designated as emergency contact.

The policy can be changed periodically in order to adapt it to the currently binding legislation or to ensure adequate protection of your data.

We operate according to the general regulation on the personal data protection of April 26, 2016. (Journal of the EU L 2016, No. 119, RODO).


Each of the visitors to the website must accept the Cookies Policy connected with the processing of the part of data that is recorded during your visit. This topic is described in details below, while in what follows we present specific information in relation to each of the categories of potential stakeholders.


To fulfil our obligations to you as best as possible and help you achieve your career goals, we need to process some of your personal information. Please provide only the data that is relevant to your competence, without including any data beyond article 221 of the Labour Code , particularly information on sexual orientation, political views, health and other sensitive issues if they are not essential from the point of view of a specific recruitment process.

The scope of personal data that will be processed includes all data necessary for proper determination of professional competences, and meeting certain requirements set for candidates, in particular:

– first name (first names) and last name,

– names of parents,

– date of birth,

– place of residence (address for correspondence),

– education,

– the course of previous employment.

In addition , based on the candidate’s consent, we can process some of the following data according to the voluntary principle:

– photography (if it is voluntarily included in the CV),

– marital status (if applicable)

– emergency contacts and details of dependents (if applicable),

– reference contact data,

– immigration status (when a work permit is required),

– nationality / citizenship / birthplace,

– a copy of the driving license and / or passport / identity card,

– social security number (or equivalent in your country) and other tax information,

– information on diversity, such as racial or ethnic origin, religion or other similar beliefs, mental or physical health, including information on disability,

– information on criminal records, if it is required in the position for which you want to apply;

– details of current salary, pension benefits , disability and employee benefits

– information about your interests and future employment needs, collected directly and indirectly, for example on the basis of job offers viewed or articles read on our website,

– additional information that you decide to give us,

– additional information that your reference contacts will decide to provide us,

– additional information that our clients can provide us about you or which we obtain from external sources, such as websites with job offers,

– IP address,

– dates, times and frequency with which you use our website.

Additionally , we collect some of your data in connection with the Cookies Policy (described below).


If you are a KUBO Customer, we may collect some of your personal data or other people representing your company, when providing services for you in order to find / recruit candidates who meet specific criteria or outsource specialists to implement a specific project. The scope of personal data includes in particular:

– first name and last name,

– position / function / role in the team

– e-mail adress

– other information that we received from you or another person from your company


We only process data that is necessary to ensure proper cooperation between us, in particular:

– contact details for persons representing your company – name and surname, position, e-mail address, telephone number,

– financial data (eg bank account number) to make payments for services provided


Our server collects basic information related to how you use our site, how often you visit it, what is your IP number, what browser you use, where you go to our site, what language you use, and at what time . You can use our website only if you accept the Cookie policy (described in more detail below).



– directly from you as a candidate – we need to know certain information about you, in order to do our best to adapt the offer to your skills and ambitions, and, on the other hand, save your time; You can do it:

– leaving the paper version of the CV at the KUBO office or directly to one of our specialists who are authorized to administer this category of personal data

– by sending a CV via e-mail to the main postal address or directly to a specific specialist

– applying via a form on the KUBO website – a specific offer or a general form

– from other sources, e.g. recommendations or via online media – depending on the circumstances, we can get your data from your reference contacts, our clients, through such portals as LinkedIn, GoldenLine, or from advertising portals; if you like our Facebook page, we will also receive your personal information from these websites;

– automatically as a part of your visit on our website (more information in the last part of “Cookies”).


We may collect your data if you have been indicated as an emergency contact by our candidate, employee or associate. They will be used only for this purpose.



The main purpose of using your personal data is to recruit for a job in KUBO or to help you find a suitable offer and, consequently, to employ you at one of our clients – the more information related to your competencies and ambitions, the better we can meet your expectations . In other cases, your data may be used, among others for contact purposes on the occasion of future recruitment or securing claims of both parties.

The data is used, among others, in the following way:

– collecting personal data (eg through the job advertisement portal, LinkedIn, website),

– storing and updating your data in our database in the context of future contact with other recruiters

– assessment of the information available in terms of job offer or project that best match your competences and expectations

– sending your information to clients in order to apply for a specific position


Personal data of reference contacts are used to support our candidates on the way to employment, they can also be used in the implementation of one of the recruitment activities that could potentially interest them. In the case of emergency contacts – they will be used only in an emergency related to our candidate, employee or associate.



We may share them , for example, with our clients in order to enable you to participate in the recruitment process or to implement a specific project. Inside KUBO, only authorized persons will have access to the data with appropriate safeguards. Other categories of recipients may also apply to:

– tax, judicial and other authorities, if law or other regulations oblige us to disclose such data,

– external suppliers, e.g. medical services [Enelmed, Medicover], life insurance [TU AXA], and sports subscription [FitSport Polska – Multisport card], as well as accounting firms, lawyers, IT consultants, etc.

– if KUBO will ever be merged into another company in the future or will be taken over, then we may also share your personal data with the current owners of the company,


We take all appropriate steps to protect your personal data, in particular against unauthorized access, abuse or loss of data. We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to counteract potential breaches of data security.

In a case of suspected violation of your rights, please contact the Inspector of Personal Data Protection at


If you are a candidate – your personal data will be deleted after a period of 3 years from the start of its processing or consent to its processing. With your consent, we can store your data for a longer period.

If you are our co-worker – your personal data will be kept for a period of up to 5 years after termination of cooperation, for purposes related to completed projects, and to secure potential claims of both parties.

If you are our employee – your data will be stored for the period required by law, and appropriate regulations regarding the storage and archiving of personal files.


In accordance with the new regulations introduced by the RODO Act, the catalog of rights that you are entitled to in connection with the processing of your personal data has been clarified. These rights can not be excluded in relation to other legal regulations and the obligation to store your personal data for a limited period of time, e.g. in order to secure your legal interest. Catalog of rights:

– access to data – contact us to find out if your data is processed by us and to what extent

– the right to rectify data

– the right to be forgotten and the right to limit data processing – depending on the legal basis for the processing of personal data, we will delete all or part of your data at your request and without undue delay.

– the right to transfer data – upon your request we will provide you with a complete set of personal data about you, in a form that will allow you to read them. The data may be passed on to you by another administrator if that’s your purpose.

– the right to object and not to make decisions based on automated processing – this is one of your rights, although the personal data we process is not subject to automated processing (eg profiling).

– the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body – you also have the right to submit a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection ( Stawki 2 Street, 00-193 Warsaw).

If you want to use any of the above rights, contact the Information Security Administrator – Please note that we may store your correspondence to resolve your application or problem.


The data security administrator is responsible for data processing at KUBO, which you can contact at:



Cookies are small text files (.txt.) sent by a web server and saved on the user’s side (usually on the hard drive). Cookie parameters allow you to read information contained in them only to the server that created them. Cookies are most often used in the case of counters, probes, online stores, websites that require logging in, advertisements and to monitor the activity of visitors.


Cookies contain various information about the user of a given website and the history of its communication with the website. Thanks to them, the server owner who sent cookies can easily get to know the user’s IP address, as well as, for example, check which websites he has browsed before accessing his website. In addition, the server owner can check which browser the user is using and whether there has been any error information when displaying the page. It is worth noting, however, that these data are not associated with specific people browsing the site, but only with a computer connected to the internet, on which cookies have been saved (the IP address is used for this).


Usually , the data is used to recognise a specific user automatically by the server , which can then generate a website dedicated for him. This makes it possible, for example, to adjust services and websites, login services, and some contact forms.

The uploader uses cookies. He also uses them to create anonymous, aggregated statistics, with the exception of personal user identification. This helps us understand how users use the website and helps improve its structure and content. In addition, the publisher may post or allow an external entity to place cookies on the user’s device in order to ensure the proper functioning of the website. This helps to monitor and check its performance. This entity may include Google.

However, the user can set his / her browser in such a way that cookies will not be saved on its disk or automatically deleted at a specific time. These settings can be changed in such a way as to block the automatic cookies service in the web browser’s settings or inform them about each time they are sent to the user’s device. Unfortunately, as a consequence, it can lead to problems with displaying some websites, the unavailability of some services