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Intuitively we tend to think that technology is rooting us out of building relations and making connections. But it couldn’t be more far from the truth: technology is a deeply human area. It allows us to be together despite the distance, learn and grow, experience exciting things, and make our lives easier. It allows us to be humans.

Cause the thing is… we need you

And we want to keep you happy, cause solid performances come from solid support.
We provide all colleagues with a rich non-wage benefits package and short payment terms.

What we solve

Facilitating your career and helping you develop

Believing in your potential and being devoted to helping you achieve your goals is one of our core values. There are many ways to accomplish that and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Fair terms, fair payment

We provide all associates with a rich package of non-wage benefits, and short payment terms and guarantee the peace of mind that you’ll receive timely pay for your work.

Connecting with projects that you want to be part of

We won’t just connect you with the next project - we’ll strive to connect you with your dream project to make your career as individual as you are.

Being seen, respected, and valued

We’ve built our reputation on genuine partnerships with our clients and talent. Our people are our greatest asset.

Win-win approach

We manage to keep long-term relations with our contractors, providing them with additional training and certificates.

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    Contractors' opinions

    KUBO is the first agency I work with. Before contacting them, I was sceptical about this type of company, mainly because of the opinions of friends who advised against recruiting through intermediaries. After all, I can confidently recommend this cooperation. Hassle-free and quick contact, employee understanding and pleasant conduct throughout the recruitment process. I recommend it without a doubt!


    Software Engineer

    Cooperation with KUBO is exemplary. If there is a matter to be dealt with, it done quickly and efficiently, without unnecessary debate. In addition, there is a minimum of formalities and a very open atmosphere. I recommend them to everyone.


    Full-stack Developer

    I have been working at KUBO for over 2 years and I am sincerely pleased. The company is distinguished from others by a human approach to the employee. In KUBO, you may not get the opportunity to go fishing at night, neither will you get beer for Boy’s Day, but when negotiating employment conditions, extending the contract, or even in a serious life situation, you can count on understanding and support from the employer.


    Java Software Developer

    In my opinion, KUBO is a modest, almost "family" company, treating its colleagues as equal business partners, what distinguishes it very much from "larger" players.


    .NET Software Engineer

    What I value in cooperation with KUBO is the minimization of additional work connected with the entire process, efficient delegation service and a partnership approach. The terms of cooperation are also very important, without, for example, excessively stringent conditions regarding the lack of competition or contractual penalties in the absurd amount. That is the 3rd company of this type that I deal with and the best so far.


    Solution Architect

    Cooperation with KUBO is smooth and professional. I receive support and reliable help in all topics related to the contract. I recommend any company looking for an opportunity to appear or expand its presence on the IT market, to start cooperation with KUBO.


    iOS Software Engineer

    I recommend KUBO as a partner in achieving common business goals. Cooperation with KUBO is a guarantee of professionalism, clear rules and timeliness.


    Software Test Engineer

    I have been working for this company for almost a year. I value friendly contact and professional approach to the employee. Regarding the employment process, it has gone smoothly and the information transfer was seamless and clear. I quickly received an answer to every question I had. The additional advantage are benefits, such as Multisport, medical package and life insurance at good prices.


    iOS Software Engineer

    Due to the fact that I had a long notice period and I have always worked full-time, I was at first afraid of switching to B2B. However, KUBO offered me very attractive conditions and seemed trustworthy. As it turned out, I made the right decision – the project I am a part of is interesting and helps me grow. Contact with KUBO itself is trouble-free, fast and "human". Everything is done as stated in the written contract, without any catches, in almost a family-like atmosphere 🙂 I wish KUBO to be able to maintain such a state as long as possible, because, unfortunately, it is known that with the development of the company, maintaining such a spirit becomes more and more difficult…


    QA Software Engineer